Posted on Mar 16, 2020

Namaste Healing Arts

10 weeks to Expand your Money - A BOOK STUDY

Apr 1, 2020 – Jun 3, 2020
This is an ONLINE class that goes far beyond the law of attraction and working affirmations. For far too long we have been attempting to become the vibration of wealth and abundance while blocks and limitations remain hidden within. These limitations counter balance any progress we may make with positive attitudes and affirmations. We may attract amazing wealth possibilities only to have them crumble or expend an exhausting amount of energy to keep the opportunities or business deals on track. Sound familiar? This class is for you! Perhaps you get the money and then have trouble keeping the flow going. So you get a huge payout and then run dry for months, so you never really get ahead. This class is for you! Perhaps you can't even get the flow started or get the "positive affirmations" to work at all.... this class is definitely for you! We will be digging deep into your soul, your mind, and your heart to reveal the hidden limitations and negative beliefs that were embedded within you from childhood and even from your family lineage or other lifetimes.
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