Posted on Sep 24, 2019

Namaste Healing Arts

MANY of us do this to ourselves, Emotional Self-Abuse through Invalidation of our "yucky" feelings has become common, even socially acceptable. It has been further encouraged by the spiritual movements of raising your vibration, White Light, and manifestation... Not all of them allow or encourage Shadow Work, (release of emotional trauma). There is no room to be upset, hurt, angry sad. That's not High Vibration, they say. But they fail to understand that these feelings are signposts of where your soul needs trauma release. The more internal work I have had or done, the less people upset or hurt me and I am far more grounded and peaceful. A client recently summed it up noticing after her session with me, "I am less uptight, and more forgiving. I feel lighter." -Lisa C.
The more we clear density from the body and energy field, the more your True Essence of Divine Light and Unconditional Love is revealed. You dont have to work at being your true self. You just #BeYou! "Be Where You Are", honor thyself, Feelings were made to be Felt! If you are angry, honor that, feel it, allow it to release, if you have grief, honor that. Pushing down or shutting out your true feelings to make others more comfortable is like cutting off your arms and legs to fit in someone's tiny box of who they think you should be.
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